Scar Removal

Scar Removal Treatment

What is a scar?

A scar appears as a result of the healing process after an injury, surgery or trauma. As per the Oxford dictionary a scar is defined as “the trace of a healed wound, sore or burn, a fault or blemish remaining as a trace of some former condition”.

Scars cannot completely go away, but there are methods by which they can be reduced in size and changed in appearance.

Types of Scars

1. Widespread (stretched) Scars
These appear when fine lines of surgical scars gradually become stretched and widened, usually after surgery. These are flat, pale, soft, symptom-less and comes usually after pregnancy.
2. Scar Contractures
These occur after burn injuries across joints or skin concavities. These cross joints or skin creases at right angles result in tightening of the skin and impaired ability to move.
3. Keloids
These occur due to aggressive healing process and are itchy. There are of two types. Minor keloids, are focally raised and extend over the normal tissue and do not regress on its own while Major keloids are large, possibly painful or itchy and also extend over the normal tissue. They are common in people with dark skin.
4. Acne Scars
These occur due to previously untreated severe acne.
5. Striae or Stretch Marks
Commonly occur during pregnancy or post increase in weight or after exercise due to stretching of the skin fibers.

Treatment Options

Non-Surgical Technique

– Silicone gel or sheeting
– Steroid injections
– Chemical Peels
– Micro-needing
– Laser
– Cryotherapy

However, individual therapies may not give a satisfactory result. A combination of therapies might be required in some cases. Our dermatologist will guide you with which option is best suited to your case.

Surgical Technique

– Fusiform (elliptical) scar revision
– Z-plasty
– W-plasty
– VY-plasty
– Serial partial excision with fusiform scar revision

It is very important know that results are not instantaneous and it may take 6 months to 1 year to achieve Optimal results. Our physician will explain you properly before advising a particular type of treatment.

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