phototherapy treatment

We have a full body chamber unit at our facility. However, you may not always need the full chamber. Depending on the Physician’s advice, you can be treated either using Full Body Chamber or Home Units. At times, it is also not possible for patients to come all the way to our facility for the phototherapy, In such instance, we help you find clinics having NBUVB chambers close to your residence.

Narrow Band Ultra Violet B (NB UVB):

This treatment is a Gold Standard treatment for Vitiligo. In this, the patient exposes the whole body or affected area to NB UVB (311nm wavelength) two or three times a week, for a period of 3 to 24 months. Full Body Chambers (more efficient than small home units) or Small Home Units are used. The unique trait of this technique is it stops the potential spread of disease. Short-term side effects include redness, itching, blisters, dryness of skin. Long-term side effects are skin tanning, dryness and redness of eyes, and activation of viral infections. When it comes to skin cancer, there is no practical experience as such. Moreover, skin cancers are extremely rare in brown-skin & Vitiligo affected populations.

PUVA (Photochemotherapy):

It is not so commonly used treatment. In this, oral medication (psoralen), followed by exposure to UVA light (320nm – 400nm wavelength) either in a chamber or with sunlight is used. This treatment can produce sunburn-type reactions and can also result in increased skin cancer risk.

Excimer Laser (308nm):

This is a targeted form of exposure to NB UVB light, sparing exposure to normal skin and is useful for localized lesions. Adverse effects are similar to those of Whole Body NB UVB and are very expensive.

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