Module Two


  • Type of training: Group training (1-3 persons only)
  • Training location: Mumbai, Maharashtra
  • Duration of Training: 2 days
  • Training Fee: Rs. Sixty Thousand (Rs. 60,000) per person

Day 1


1. Classification, natural course of vitiligo – 15 minutes

2. Treatment Algorithm for vitiligo - 30 minutes

Treatment options for various types of vitiligo including recent advances and newer treatment modalities.

3. Phototherapy (NB UVB, excimer laser) – 30 minutes

Protocols, practical tips, adverse effects

4. Other medical therapies – topical preparations, oral steroids and oral immunosuppressants, miscellaneous – 30 minutes

5. Selection Criteria for surgery (MKTP) / Choice of Anesthesia – 30 minutes

When to operate and when to avoid. Choosing the right patient is important for best results. Depending on various parameters type of anesthesia is chosen.

6. Learning the technique of MKTP – 30 minutes

A step by step description of the melanocyte keratinocyte transplant procedure. Dressing techniques, follow up schedules and tips for difficult to treat areas will be covered.

7. Consultation for potential MKTP patients - Problems and solutions 30 minutes

8. Discussion

Day 2

MKTP procedure Demonstration

The trainees will be allowed to observe MKTP.

Instruments and disposables:

Participants will be given all the necessary information regarding sourcing of disposables and instruments.


A certificate of Training will be issued and given to each participant at the end of the training.

Additional training:

Those wishing to have further association with Mulekar Vitiligo Clinic can have an individual discussion with us post the workshop.

Note: During the course of the training the trainee will have to bear their own expenses for stay, travel food etc and Mulekar Clinic will not bear any expenses.